My weight-loss journey

I was an emotional eater for 10 years, with an unhealthy relationship to both food and my own body: I’d eat too little for a while, or exercise for a while, or do both for a while, and then give in from exhaustion, only to feel that I was a failure and throw a binge-eating pity-party. Every time I fell off the “healthy” path I’d feel like I’d ruined EVERYTHING and might just as well ruin it some more. It made me gain weight. I’ve never been obese but it was still enough weight for me to feel extremely uncomfortable in my own body.

For me, fasting twice a week has changed my mindset – and my waistline – so much. It may seem tough at first, as you only eat 1/4 of your calorie need during a fasting day, but trust me it’s easier than you think! And I can’t wait to share all the tips and tricks to make it even easier!

I’m finally PROUD of myself. I’m HAPPY! My MIND is so much healthier! AND I’ve lost weight.

Now, I wish for everyone around me to get to feel as good as I feel. I want to inspire people to try fasting – whether it is to lose weight or simply to enjoy the other health benefits of letting the body rest from digesting foods. My goal is to turn your fasting days into your favorite days of the week!


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