My weight-loss journey

I was an emotional eater for 10 years, with an unhealthy relationship to both food and my own body: I’d eat too little for a while, or exercise for a while, or do both for a while, and then give in from exhaustion, only to feel that I was a failure and throw a binge-eating pity-party. Every time I fell off the “healthy” path I’d feel like I’d ruined EVERYTHING and might just as well ruin it some more. It made me gain weight. I’ve never been obese but it was still enough weight for me to feel extremely uncomfortable in my own body.

For me, fasting twice a week has changed my mindset – and my waistline – so much. It may seem tough at first, as you only eat 1/4 of your calorie need during a fasting day, but trust me it’s easier than you think! And I can’t wait to share all the tips and tricks to make it even easier!

I’m finally PROUD of myself. I’m HAPPY! My MIND is so much healthier! AND I’ve lost weight.

Now, I wish for everyone around me to get to feel as good as I feel. I want to inspire people to try fasting – whether it is to lose weight or simply to enjoy the other health benefits of letting the body rest from digesting foods. My goal is to turn your fasting days into your favorite days of the week!


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Fast-forward to health

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Hej och välkommen till Soul Foodie!

Jag heter Erica och startade den här bloggen för att ge inspiration och information om periodisk fasta. Att fasta har fått mig att må helt fantastiskt och jag vill helt enkelt att fler ska få uppleva det! Mitt mål är att dina fastedagar ska bli dina favoritdagar på hela veckan!

Här kommer du kunna ta del av före- och efterbilder, enkla principer att följa för att lätt komma in i mer hälsosamma rutiner – och framför allt stanna där, matdagböcker, tips på mat att äta på sina faste-dagar, recept, psykiska och fysiska fördelar med att fasta och mycket annat. Förhoppningsvis blir det även lite intervjuer och events framöver.  Har du fastat någon gång? Berätta i en kommentar. 🙂


Hello and welcome to Soul Foodie!

My name is Erica and I started this blog to give inspiration and information about intermittent fasting. It has made me feel fantastic so I want to help others feel it for themselves too! My mission is to make your fasting days become your favorite days of the week!

Here you’ll find all the information and inspiration you’ll ever need about intermittent fasting: Progress photos, simple principles to easily get on the healthy path – and stay there effortlessly, food diaries, food reviews, recipes, mental and physical benefits of fasting, tips, tricks and anything else fasting-related! Hopefully there will be some interviews and events coming up too! Have you ever fasted? Tell me in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Natalie

    Hi there – wondering how long after you start IF did you start to see results in body composition? I’ve been at it for a short week and a half now, and I’m just starting to get used to it. I’m starting to feel less groggy and slow, and definitely an increase in energy. I do weight workouts 3x week, 1x HIIT workout and 1x easy cardio/stretch day. How long apart are your transformation photos? When did you start seeing changes?


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